Sandbox produces elevated visual content for all channels, from marketing and advertising to ecommerce and social media…full-service or a la carte, concept to post-production, one shot or thousands.

Working in our state-of-the-art studios, on location, or in dedicated client-side facilities, we take on everything from single-day shoots to ongoing relationships that involve thousands of SKUs and tens of thousands of shots.

How do we do it?

Every full-service client is assigned a dedicated producer. And for high-volume projects, we use our comprehensive tracking system to streamline the production process. We expertly manage every detail, so our clients and creative teams can focus on getting the shot. Period.


Whether masterfully retouching campaign visuals or giving ecommerce imagery the attention it deserves, the Sandbox Post Team brings creativity and technology together seamlessly.

Our post-production team is an integral part of the creative process right from the beginning, taking time to understand the client’s vision and the unique look and feel of each brand.

Through automation, tasks like metadata integration, cropping and file-sizing are delivered with accuracy and consistency at blazing speeds. Our custom database manages the entire process, so there's never a dropped ball.

All this advanced technology provides a playground where creativity can flourish, while our systems keep you up to date 24/7, 365.


Founded by creative minds dedicated to perfection. We live for the seamless execution of beautiful, brand-elevating visual content. Come be inspired.

Sandbox was founded by photographers who understand that great brands, like great images, are unique.

Through innovation and creativity, we set trends and industry standards. Let our team of world-class art directors, photographers, stylists, make-up artists and set-designers inspire you.

Whatever you need to realize your vision, we can make it happen. And if you have your own talent you'd like to use, we welcome that too.

Studio Services

Sandbox manages 250,000 square feet of studios, client-dedicated facilities and production offices throughout the US.

We started in San Francisco in 1992 and now operate seven production offices and studio locations throughout the US. In each location, we’ve created a vibrant, creatively inspiring, comfortable environment where clients and crews enjoy working each day.

Our House – Your House

We’ve also created several client dedicated, in-house studios, making our expertise, workflow systems and creative talent available to clients under their own roofs.

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